Jerry Gundersheimer
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in Miami, Florida, enjoying a childhood of sun and sand, never having to worry about locking the doors to our cars or house, or about riding our Scwinn Stingrays from the house to Crandon Park Beach-through Coconut Grove-some twenty miles away.

Those were the days of a myriad of tourist attractions: the Parrot Jungle, the Monkey Jungle, the Serpentarium, Seaquarium, they were all magnets for the snowbirds, and all remained busy nearly year-round! My brother and I could bike from our house, with five dollars each  in our pockets, and gleefully return from Al's Newstand with a huge stack of new comic books and a fistful of candy: gold rush bubble gum in a mini-burlap drawstring bag; wax bottles filled with Kool-aid; trading cards; those multi-colored, crunchy candy dots arranged in rows on long  parchment paper tapes. Those were the good ol' days! 

And, man, we devoured not only those scrumptious treats, but those comic books as well! We had a huge box of collectible ones, some first editions, that my mom- God rest her soul- sought fit to give away one year when we were away at college!

Those college years began at Florida State, where I was a student trainer for the football team a year before the legendary Bobby Bowden arrived. I ended up earning a Bachelor's in psychology there, before heading to Virginia Tech to get my Master's. From Blacksbrg, Virginia, my ex and I drove to Houston, where we began living as Texans did during the big oil boom- country western dancing, cowboy hats and  boots- we were real urban cowboys!
But my future career called me, and I enrolled at the University of Houston to begin my optometry schooling. Four years later, we moved to the Dallas area, where I'd secretly wanted to be my entire life, for I was a closet Cowboys fan, having pulled for Staubach and Pearson, rather than Griese and Csonka- to the dismay of family and friends- marvelling at the shotgun formation and the Hail Mary's, and idolizing the stoic coach sporting his trademark gray fedora instead.

Three daughters later- yes, I survived!- and remarried, I'm fortunate enough to be still practicing optometry in a great town in which to raise those children- close enough to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to avail ourselves of all it has to offer, yet far enough away to not have to deal with those pitfalls and problems of the bigger cities.

It's here that I took up photography, working freelance for Texoma Living! Magazine; where I began composing songs on my trusty, rusty keyboards; began acting in the local community theater productions; joined the Sherman Noon Lions Club; and most recently, decided to try my hand at novel writing.

What grew out of an interest in TV shows such as Long Island Medium and CSI and the X-files, came the character of Brody Whitaker, my main protagonist. I hope you find his adventures and exploits as much fun to read about as it has been for me to jot them onto the page. I hope this becomes a long and lasting relationship for us all!
"I believe there are certain spirits sent to watch over us, guide us, at times protect us - sometimes from ourselves."

 -Brody Whitaker, from Face of the Bell Witch